Import Car Junk Yard

While practically every large metropolitan area has at least one import car junk yard and perhaps more, they are not so easy to find in small towns and cities. And an import car owner is more likely to need an import junk yard more than the owner of an American car as parts for import cars are not as readily available as parts for cars manufactured in the United States.

However, the Internet has made it easier for dealers and individual car owners to find automobiles.

Online auctions include non-repairable cars that are being sold for parts only. And they handle import vehicles as well as vehicles manufactured in the USA. Regardless of what type of car one wishes to buy, it very easy to do business with Auto Bid Master, and cars are readily available. All a person needs to do is set up an account on the website by becoming a member. The membership is free, however, they do require a $400.00 security deposit which is payable when an individual joins. The $400.00 deposit allows a prospective bidder to bid on any vehicle up to $4000.00.

Those individuals who want to bid on a vehicle over $4,000.00 must add $100.00 to their security deposit for every $1,000.00 in excess of $4,000.00. In other words the security deposit must equal 10% of the bid.

The security deposit is fully refundable. So those people who lose a bid or who can't find what they want on the site, can easily have their security deposit returned by applying for the refund. If someone purchases a car on the site, their security deposit will be returned after the have paid for the car. They do need to apply for it. The security deposit can be paid by almost any credit card, Paypal or a bank transfer. Under no condition can the security deposit be applied the purchase price of any automobile.

However, a car may only be paid for by a bank transfer. When a car is purchased, the payment is due within twenty-four hours. In addition to the purchase price the buyer must also pay auction fees and a transaction fee. But even with these fees, buyers still save money over what they would have to pay for a vehicle buying locally. will also take charge of shipping a car if the buyer so desires. is a very easy site to navigate. Once contact information has been posted and the security deposit made, the prospective buyer can start bidding right away. There is a special category for non-repairable cars for anyone who only needs to visit their Internet import car junk yard.