Insurance Cars Salvage

Insurance Cars Salvage Sold at Auction

The business of writing off vehicles by insurance companies allows a significant re marketing process to take place. Online auto auctions offer insurance cars salvage in unbelievable volume at low, low prices.

Every year many thousands of cars, trucks, bikes and boats are written off for insurance. The reasons for being written off vary. Some vehicles are badly collision damaged yet might still represent great opportunities for rebuild; some are relatively unscathed yet still carry some scratching or denting; some are not damaged in the least but require a new set of documents, having been repossessed as a result of non payment to a finance company. Insurance cars salvage at auction is a dream come true for someone on a tight budget to get a great car at a great price.

Insurance cars salvage condition dictates the price it eventually sells at. Obviously a complete wreck that is good only for parts will sell at a much lower price than a nearly new vehicle that requires a wash and a new set of wipers! Whatever car you might be interested in, the screen price will be considerably lower than anything you will find in your local dealership.

Insurance cars salvage includes recent models, almost new vehicles with all the great interior gadgets you would expect to find; cars that would still be under warranty had they not been repossessed or retired from fleet service. There are also crash damaged cars that require rebuilding and these are priced to sell at really low prices.

Insurance cars salvage offers a huge range of vehicles so it is likely that if you have a particular make or model in mind, you will find it in the listings.

Payment arrangements are safe and swift. In fact the whole process is faster than buying a car in the traditional manner of stomping through used car lots in a frustrated temper because you cannot find what you are looking for! Once you have found the car you want, you can also purchase parts against future repairs or buy accessories; the savings are incredible and you will never buy vehicles any other way again.