Insurance Salvage Motorcycle

Many vehicles involved in accidents or natural disasters will be declared to be total losses by insurance companies even though they may still be repairable at a reasonable cost. An insurance adjuster will look at the book value of a used car or motorcycle that has been damaged and use that value as a guideline for determining acceptable repair costs. If the repairs are estimated to cost more than the book value, then the insurance company is likely to take title to the vehicle and declare it a total loss, paying the owner the book value rather than paying the cost of repairs.

If you have the right tools and skills, buying an insurance salvage motorcycle could be a very economical way to acquire an excellent machine. Insurance companies often offer damaged vehicles for sale through salvage yards or by listing them with online auction. Auto Bid Master can help you get a buyer account and will often have hundreds or thousands of listings for salvageable vehicles every week.

Looking for an Insurance Salvage Motorcycle
If you decide to look for a wrecked motorcycle, whether you want to rebuild it or use if for spare parts, searching through online auction brokers like Auto Bid Master is a good way to find what you need. But, keep in mind that online auctions sell inventory at many locations, so you can either look for a salvage motorcycle close to home, or have your new bike shipped to you after you win the auction.

Before you decide to bid on a wrecked vehicle, find out as much as you can about its actual condition. If possible, go to the auction yard and physically inspect the motorcycle you are interested in. If the damage is mostly to parts that you can easily repair or replace, and there is no apparent structural damage such as a bent frame, then you might be able to get a great deal on a bike you can get back on the road with little effort.

Avoid Hidden Costs
As you are figuring out what to build on an insurance salvage motorcycle, make sure you have a good idea of what it will cost you to fix it up. If you are interested in buying it to salvage parts, look at parts dealer catalogs to see what similar parts are worth. Have the local cycle shop give you a firm estimate of what they will charge you for rebuilding the motorcycle if you are not planning to do the work yourself. After you have a good idea of the costs for the damaged bike, do some looking at classified ads or dealer websites to see what comparable used bikes in good condition are selling for, then place your bid on the damaged bike low enough to assure yourself of getting a fantastic deal if you are the winning bidder. An online auction broker can give you all the help you need in bidding and finalizing the deal.