Insurance Salvage Trucks

Insurance Salvage Trucks: Getting Them at the Right Price

Insurance salvage trucks are a great deal. Buying a new truck from the showroom is madness when you can buy insurance salvage trucks at such low prices you can save enough to buy a decent holiday with the change! With thousands reduced on the screen price at auction, you can buy a vehicle that is indiscernible from a showroom model and still have some cash in your pocket.

Trucks are a great investment and not just for commercial use. So many families opt to drive a truck rather than a conventional car as they are versatile, they are great towing vehicles and they can be utilized for holidays and off road use. For families with a company car, a truck is often the choice for a second vehicle.

Buying a truck through the showroom can cost a fortune. By buying insurance salvage trucks at auction you can make a significant saving and still have the vehicle of your choice, probably the model you want and the interior you have been looking for! The selection is vast simply because there are so many thousands of vehicles written off by insurance companies every year. The vehicles go to auction where they are picked up by the smart guys who know they can turn a big profit on them with only a few minor repairs or even major ones!

Payment procedures are transparent and made through a secure payment gateway to guarantee your security: you can make your payments with confidence.

Insurance salvage trucks available at auction are often located some distance away. You can arrange for an inspection on your behalf.

The auction facility offers a massive range of trucks that have been collision damaged, repossessed or simply retired as a company vehicle, written off by insurance but still great bargains.