Luxury Salvage Cars

Have you looked at the price of a new luxury car lately? You know that you need a fine automobile for business reasons or to maintain the respect you deserve in your social circle, but in these difficult economic times driving a late model Lexus or Cadillac may be more expensive than you can afford. Some luxury cars cost more today than entire houses cost not so many years ago, so buying a luxury car has become something that you don’t do without giving it a great deal of thought and probably spending a long time saving up for it. A good way to solve this problem is to shop for luxury salvage cars online.

If you are good with tools and know something about cars, you may be able to find a lightly damaged luxury car that you can buy and restore for far less money than it would cost you to buy a new one or even a similar used one that is in good running condition. An online auction broker like is an excellent place to begin your search. This site has thousands of listing every week for used cars and other vehicles, including wrecked luxury cars.

Luxury Salvage Cars May be a Better Deal than You Expect
It costs an insurance company a lot more to repair a car than it would cost you to take on and complete a similar project yourself. With their high overhead and corporate inefficiency, insurers often find it more economical to declare a wrecked car a total loss and pay off the claim in cash than to take the time and expense to repair the damage.

If you keep looking at online salvage auction listings, you may find the exact model of luxury car that you have dreamed of owning that can be restored to good running condition for a lot less than the price of buying the same model new or from a used car dealer. A car that has been declared a total loss might have serious body damage without severe structural or engine involvement, so that you could get it repaired quickly at a reasonable cost.

Before you bid on a luxury salvage car, be sure to add up all of the potential costs so you can calculate a fair price to bid. If you live near the auction lot, go out and look at the car to be sure it is in the condition the listing describes. Compare prices for comparable cars in good condition at local car dealers. Talk with your local parts dealer and body shop about what they will charge you for the work you will need to do on the wrecked car to get it back into shape. Find out how much the auction and its broker charge for their services, including commissions, title work and transporting the car to you. With all of this information in hand, you can decide on a top bid that will give you a great deal if you are the winner.