Michigan Salvage Auto Auctions

Michigan Salvage Auto Auctions and Getting in on the Ground Floor

Michigan salvage auto auctions have traditionally been a great way to buy a car.

Every year insurance companies write off thousands of cars that are collision damaged; crash damaged; bumped; scraped and otherwise rendered unviable. Perhaps a car might end up as an insurance ‘write off’ after being retired from fleet service or an ex demo model might go to auction with a high mileage but otherwise be in pretty good shape. The stock at Michigan salvage auto auctions is nothing if not varied!

Handsome custom fitted cars are auctioned alongside total wrecks good only for parts; sought after Harley Davidsons bikes with hardly a scratch appear at auction in company with crushed and seemingly worthless hulks saleable as strip downs or parts packages. The colorful array of salvage vehicles and auction lots can now be bought online.

Amid the thousands of insurance write offs that populate the auction facilities there are gems to be found. A beautiful classic Cadillac may be bought for a ridiculously low price with hardly any work to be done. Michigan salvage auto auctions offer a massive range of cars in perfect condition that have been subject to paperwork defaults. They arrive at auction requiring a wash and some loving care...

Getting in on the ground floor is paramount to keeping costs low when buying salvage cars. There is little point in paying a dealer a higher price. Used car dealers who offer salvage vehicles from Michigan salvage auto auctions do so exclusively to make money and are they are totally disinterested in providing any services other than taking your cash.

An online broker, however, will put his considerable expertise at your disposal and arrange for inspections; and assist with documentation. The vehicle arrives when it is supposed to and in the condition expected. There are no horrible jolts concerning finance because all of the fees and payments required are made clear at the beginning.

Once the refundable deposit has been placed, you may bid on many thousands of lots held in stock. The choice is incredible and unrivaled. Not only do you get a chance to purchase the car you really want, you also get to source any parts you may need, targeting the right year and model rather than going through the process of trying to adapt parts. Volume provides a great selection process at Michigan salvage auto auctions.