Online Auto Auction

There are a lot of different online auto auctions out there these days. You can go with a government auction and come away with a worn-out Crown Victoria patrol car, or go to eBay and put your faith in the seller.

Why AutoBidMaster?

    • With AutoBidMaster, you have immediate access to the major salvage auction with your own personal buyer account, which you can set up with a refundable security deposit and your driver’s license

    • Bidding is fun! After establishing your bid ceiling in the preliminary bidding process, you can bid either by watching the sale in real time or through the proxy bidding. Proxy bidding can also be set for incremental bids, bidding only on your say-so. You’ll be notified by email of your bid status and can track the bidding that way.

    • You have every option to inspect the vehicle beforehand; each vehicle has a thorough suite of photographs and can be inspected online. We can also arrange (for a fee) a licensed, certified mechanic to give the car a complete inspection (with additional photographs) and then give you a complete rundown of the car.

    • Auctions attract bidders from around the world. You can arrange for the car to be shipped from the auction to your home; for international clients, fees and legalities of exporting the vehicle are covered.

    • Registration fees are payable by major credit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer. In the event that you win the bidding on the car, the full amount is payable by bank wire transfer only.

    • Remember that your top-dollar bid amount in preliminary bidding does NOT mean that’s what you’re going to pay in the virtual auction. If you’ve set $4000 as your top bid and your car actually sells for $3000, then $3000 is what you’re going to pay.

Much of the guesswork is taken out of the online auto auction process. You can easily find a good deal on a car that’s got plenty of miles left in it, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home or office, while bidding against other bidders, It can mean getting a car at thousands off the blue book value. Doesn’t that sound better than getting a sight-unseen car from eBay, or a beat-up Highway Department Ford truck from a government auction site?