Recommendations by the Insurance Institute for Teen Drivers

After taking a survey of 500 parents, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) has come out with a list of used cars that are best for teen drivers. The insurance institute found that 83 percent of parents interviewed bought a used car for their teen rather than a new one. In order to keep fatality accidents to a minimum, the institute has released a list of used cars that they deem the safest for teens to drive.

Parents find buying a car for their teenage child somewhat overwhelming. Out of all the options available on the market, it is not always easy to choose the one that is safe and in good running condition. Parents find it difficult to choose a car that is suitable for a new driver and that also comes within their budget.

To make this decision easier for parents, the IIHS has come up with a list of “safety picks” in the used car market for a range of budgets. The institute compiled ratings and data for the crash safety of the vehicles along with that of standard safety features. This was in order to make a list based on various budgets that parents can allocate for buying a used car for their children. To accomplish this task, the institute utilized the data from Kelley Blue Book.

The list that IIHS has released shows various vehicle categories that includes midsize and large cars, minivans, small and midsize SUVs. Some notable picks from the list include the Ford Taurus, Toyota Highlander, Honda Accord and the Honda CR-V.

IIHS expressed concern over the fact that many teens drive small or subcompact vehicles because they are cheap. What parents don’t pay attention to is that crash protection is compromised in these small cars. Among the teenagers killed in crashes, most are found to have been driving a car with substandard safety features. As per the latest released data, out of teens killed between 2008 and 2012, 29 percent were driving the aforesaid small or subcompact cars.

However, the IIHS made it clear that parents also need to follow certain guidelines when they buy a car for their teens. The institute said that larger cars or SUV’s can provide greater protection to their children in the case of an accident. Moreover, parents should look to vehicles that are equipped with an electronic stability control system.

As these cars are much less prone to being totaled in an accident, the IIHS recommends them as good first cars for teens. Parents need to avoid buying cars that have high horsepower ratings as these can run at too high of speeds, putting the lives of kids in danger.

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