Repairable Trucks

Repairable trucks purchased through online auction

Small haulage business owners will appreciate that the company’s trucks represent one of the more valuable fixed assets of the business. Without a fleet of reliable vehicles, small companies run the risk of going under when mechanical failure or accident causes part of the fleet to be out of service for any length of time. Repairable trucks come up for auction at reasonable prices, making them an affordable solution for small businesses or those starting out on a new venture.

Commercial vehicles can cost the earth and not everyone has the financial resources to buy out of the showroom. Insurance companies supply auctions with written off commercial vehicles and repairable trucks; some with significant damage and others that are in remarkable condition. Trucks arrive at auction for a variety of reasons, some without any damage whatever as they are the result of defaults on finance agreements.

Trucks that have collision damage or that have been involved in some other kind of road incident are carefully assessed before going to auction. Buyers have the option to have repairable trucks inspected before making a bid, registering with the broker to process the sale and carry out any checks required. Fees and other relevant costs such as returnable deposits are presented clearly from the beginning of the process so the buyer is able to budget precisely and know exactly how far he can take his bid.

Online auction facilities can provide repairable trucks at a drastically reduced price through the sheer volume that passes through auction. Online buyers can source repairable trucks in the exact specified condition, making the whole purchase experience one that is easy, convenient and more economical than buying through conventional channels.

The lists are easy to navigate and the type of information provided is vital to the potential sale. The location of each vehicle for sale will be stated, along with the level of repair required and other expenses to get the truck on the road in serviceable condition.

Inspection reports may be provided, along with useful photographs of the vehicle, and transportation and delivery information. The service is prompt and efficient without any time wasted stomping through rain soaked yards looking at vehicles that are no way suitable for purpose!

Payment is made securely and delivery is speedy. Buying repairable trucks is usually a time consuming affair taking weeks to source a suitable vehicle, perhaps to have the sale fall through when documentation is found to be flawed or the seller gets a better offer or the truck turns out to have defects other than those declared. Buying through an online auction is the best and most efficient way to purchase repairable trucks and the best thing is the buying process is transparent and secure, with no hidden costs to surprise you after delivery.