RV Salvage Auction

Used RV's can be a roll of the dice, but have you ever considered fixing up a salvage RV? It's possible to find salvaged RVs at auction through Auto Bid Master every day.

An RV that's been in a collision or in severe weather may be written off as a total loss by the insurance company. At that point the insurer just wants to recoup part of the loss, even though the RV can be rebuilt and fixed up by someone with a little mechanical and electrical know-how.


  • Try to stay local if you possibly can. If it's necessary to ship it, arrange shipping through Auto Bid Master. It may be drivable for such a trip, or it may have mechanical or electrical problems that would make that risky.
  • Try to find one with superficial damage or body damage. Like with any damaged vehicle, things like steering problems, suspension problems, a bent frame or major driveline issues would be a deal breaker. Remember that a vehicle that's been rear ended, in particular, can develop a lot of secondary problems down the line.
  • Remember that RV's have complicated electrical and air-conditioning systems to deal with. Try to find out what condition those systems are in, then think about your own level of expertise in fixing them. You don't want to wind up over your head.
  • Make sure that all title and registration issues are in good order. An online auction house will be experienced in these areas and should be able to handle the legal aspects of the transaction cleanly. Remember that different states have different title laws and an out-of-state purchase may get a little more complicated.
  • Try to get a good idea of the vehicle's repair costs before you buy. Price all the parts that will need to be replaced if you're going to do the job yourself. If you're having a shop do it for you, try to get estimates from them before going any further. If you've got a fairly good handle on what your repair costs will be, you can try to set your bid ceiling sufficiently low that the project won't turn into a big money pit.
  • Think about your expectations from an RV. Do you want one that's going to be top-of-the-line accommodations for you and your family? Will it just see occasional use? Or do you just want one for a fishing or hunting vehicle? Let some of those considerations come into play when you're thinking about how much you want to spend, and how much time you want to invest in an RV project.