Safety Features To Seek While Buying A Salvaged Vehicle

Salvaged vehicles typically cost less than half of their brand new counterparts, which is their primary selling point. These vehicles have seen some damage (and mileage) which often makes buyers second-guess the level of safety they offer. If you’re looking a salvaged vehicle for your next ride, for optimum road safety, confirm the presence of at least 4-5 of the following 7 features:

Dual Stage Airbags

For most people, airbags are the first safety feature that comes to mind when they think about on road safety and for good reason; airbags prevent skeletal and head injuries. Modern variants can now calculate the weight, dimensions, if in case of higher models, even the seating position and stance of the driver.

Cruise Control

Most new cars have this basic feature. The cruise control feature of the modern car has evolved to the point where it can adjust throttle and brakes and aid the driver in maintaining a safe distance from the other vehicles. This sophisticated mechanism is backed by sensors and radars; luxury is some people’s minds, but necessity in others’. For you it all boils down to what you need and what your budget allows.

Blind Spot Detection

This feature comes in handy for SUVs and roomy sedans, as the driver has to put up with a major blind spot while driving. Typically, it responds when the driver puts the turn signal on. Cruise control makes it easier to dodge other vehicles on the road, and while parking, by alerting the driver of objects and other cars.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights bend light and adjust, as the driver turns the vehicle around or to a side. This gives him better vision and control at high or even average speed apart from giving him time to hit the brake, when needed.

Night Vision

Night vision is usually generated on a cockpit display and may be backed by infrared or thermal imaging technology. It lets the drive see up to a 1000 feet away from the car and spot. This, in turn, lets the drive maneuver the vehicle safely when he spots an animal or a person on the road.

Rearview Camera

Mostly used while parking, the rearview camera feature has decreased the number of back over accidents, dramatically over the last few years. Of course, it also makes the task of steering a car backward into a tiny spot, easier.

Low Tire Pressure Alerting System

This safety feature has been around for quite some time now. At the name suggests, it alerts the driver if the pressure on a tree is low. High end makers started adding this feature in their cars a long time ago, but today, cars from all segments and makers have it.

On a busy road, the difference between life and death can be an unassuming safety feature such as airbags or blind spot detection. This rule applies to both salvaged cars and brand new ones; in both cases, the biggest safety a driver can hope for is a composed, responsible mind.