Salvage Cars in Iowa Bargains

Salvage Cars in Iowa Bargains and Getting Your Hands on Them

Most of us have had the urge to go to auction at some time and splurge some cash to buy a car that is a little risky; perhaps stolen; perhaps repossessed; perhaps a total wreck with engine failure (yikes!) It is no longer necessary to take these risks when buying salvage cars in Iowa at online auction. Auctions have come a long way, and now you buy online with every confidence that you are getting the car you want at a really low price.

How low is low?

You can rely on getting several thousand dollars off the screen price on a recent model that is a repossession or retired fleet vehicle. Interested?

Tell me how!

Salvage cars in Iowa are written off by insurance companies in thousands every year. These vehicles are a mixed bag of different deals: some are collision damaged; some have engine failure but if they do they are clearly described as being unfit for the road; some are clean and are simply retired from service. All are appropriately priced for their condition and are listed with a guide price; location; specifications and some indication of what it might cost to repair (if the vehicle is damaged).

How long does the auction process take?

The great thing about buying salvage cars in Iowa in this way is that you can get the car you want so much faster than by buying through a dealer. Think about it: you first have to source the car you want – so you take time off work to drive around endless showrooms and dealerships looking for the car you want. You find it, but you may have to settle for the year and model you want in cherry and orange two tones.

By now you are so sick of the experience, you settle for the car you don’t really want and then you need to go through a finance application because the dealer has topped up the purchase price with his overheads and all kinds of other extras he can earn a commission on you finally stumble out of the showroom clutching the keys to the orange monster, wishing you had used your day off for something more rewarding!