Salvage Cars in North Carolina

Salvage cars in North Caroline represent value for money compared to the traditional used car deal available from local dealers or showrooms. For some people the whole process of buying a ‘new’ car is one that is exciting and pleasurable. For others, it is an ordeal to be faced and gotten over with as soon as possible! Whatever your attitude to getting a new set of wheels, nobody wants to pay more than the next guy for the same make and model.

The same old stories come out of the local showroom whenever we set foot on the forecourt – this or that car comes with a three year warranty (Yeah sure it does - with all the exceptions in the small print) and finance is available over five years payable at X amount... (Thanks chum – half the value of the vehicle charged in interest until the car falls to pieces or until I die whichever comes soonest...) And the personal favourite – valeting! (Wow – you are going to wash the car to compensate for adding $500 to the screen price! Gee thanks!)

Despite the horror stories that come out of used car lots, we continue to use them when we could save ourselves the hassle and inconvenience by buying salvage cars in North Caroline via online auto auction. And the process is so easy. You do not have to spend weeks trudging through the yards viewing slightly dirty cars stickered with this week’s bargains; you do not have to sit for two hours in the dealer’s office trying to convince him you are a good credit risk; you simply register online and bid.

Insurance companies write off many thousands of vehicles every year that become salvage cars in North Carolina at auction, for a number of different reasons. Some cars are collision damaged, so badly wrecked they are good only for parts so are sold at auction at silly prices to be recycled in remakes; some are retired service vehicles such as fleet cars or rental models, looking good but possibly with high mileages; some are in spotless condition and are at auction simply because the ex owner has defaulted on finance payments. Salvage cars in North Carolina offer vehicles in all of the above categories.

Once you have found the car you are looking you can bid and buy a getting your car delivered to your doorstep is easy: Salvage cars in North Carolina may be purchased at low, low prices at online auction.