Salvage Cars San Diego

Salvage Cars San Diego and Buying Online

Salvage cars San Diego may be bought at online auto auction saving thousands on the screen price and making your cash go further.

Salvage cars San Diego are known to be a cheaper alternative to buying a car in the traditional way, either through an acquaintance or through a used car lot or showroom dealer. What is not generally considered though is that you get a much better car for your money than if you bought via conventional channels.

You can pay a few thousand dollars for a car from the showroom and then possible spend a couple of thousand more on the interest on the loan you will need to meet the purchase price. And car finance has gone through the roof since the economy decided to implode! Interest payments were once worth the hassle; now they are simply unaffordable. Taking your custom to auction is the best way to buy a car nowadays.

I don’t want to buy a wreck!

You don’t have to buy a wreck. Get rid of the idea that only pieces of twisted junk go to auction. Many thousands of cars, trucks and bikes are written off for insurance every year before going to auction. Sure, some salvage cars San Diego are collision damaged but others are in perfect shape because they are retired fleet cars; or perhaps they are written off because ex owners defaulted on payments (those pesky payments again!) and the cars go to auction with no damage whatever. Some have a high mileage if they are fleet service vehicles or ex rental cars, but others are nearly new. It is all a matter of the price and what is bid on the day!

Is it expensive to bid?

Nope. The first step is to register and a refundable deposit is required of course. After that you can bid on the dream car you always wanted and this time, you stand a good chance of getting what you have always been searching for, without making compromises on the year, model and condition. Salvage cars San Diego offer a huge choice of cars ranging from simple commuting vehicles to grand luxury limos – it is all a question of personal taste and at auction you can indulge your fantasies a little if you are looking for a classic or exotic car.