Salvage Dodge Trucks

Get What You Need at Auction
You may already own a Dodge truck that is in need of repair, or you may be looking for a way to acquire a truck for a small up front price. Either way, watching auction listings is a good way to find what you need. Many insurance companies and salvage yards look to auction companies to move their inventories of wrecked and damaged vehicles. In many cases, a wrecked Dodge truck is actually in pretty good condition, but was declared a total loss by the insurer because repairs would cost more than the book value of the used vehicle. But, someone who knows trucks and is handy with tools could buy the wreck for pennies on the dollar and spend some time and money fixing it up, ending up with a great truck for a small investment. You can buy severely damaged trucks that you can strip good used parts from for less money than buying the same parts at a parts dealer.

Besides having inventory that you can bid on for low prices, auction companies also offer valuable services to you in handling the entire transaction. They will accept your payment and disburse it to the seller after they receive a good title, then they will process the title transfer for you, all for a reasonable fee or percentage commission.

Steps to Take Before You Bid on Salvage Dodge Trucks
There are some things you should do before you place a bid on a wrecked truck. If you intend to buy a damaged vehicle to rebuild, be sure your state vehicle regulations allow a fresh title to be issued. Laws vary among states. Whether you are buying to rebuild or just to strip parts from a wrecked truck, check the vehicle’s location, so you don’t end up paying shipping costs you didn’t expect. Also, get a report on the vehicle’s condition or inspect it yourself to be sure the damage is repairable at a reasonable cost. Get a good estimate of what parts and labor will cost to repair the truck, then add up all of the potential costs for your purchase. After you know what the other costs are, you can place a bid that will ensure you get a great deal on a Dodge truck if you are the winning bidder.