Salvage Flood Cars

Salvage Flood Cars: Where to Get Them

‘One man’s misfortune is another man’s gain’, the old saying goes and this is very true when it comes to salvage flood cars: cars that have been water damaged and written off by their insurance companies. Insurance companies would usually consider a flood damaged car a total loss.

Salvage flood cars are not necessarily rusted heaps of metal. Some salvage flood cars have been submerged long enough for the sills to be damaged but little else; others are – well – in pretty poor shape. The good news is that where the car is badly flood damaged, the price is rock bottom and there are plenty of parts that may be salvaged from the vehicle and resold or used for a rebuild project.

Salvage flood cars are held in stock all over the country and it is possible to buy them via online auto auctions. The listings clearly state when a vehicle is flood damaged and it is possible to gain a great deal of information from the listings without seeing the car ‘in person’.

The vehicle will be listed according to its make and model, of course, but online lists give you an exact picture of the condition of the car. A glossary of terms is supplied, making it easy to assess what kind of title the vehicle has; whether it is flood or crash damaged or both; whether it is damaged front, back side or roof; and what its status is in terms of documentation.

Salvage flood cars are cheap, for obvious reasons, and you may wish to buy more than one, especially if you are buying for parts. Shipping, both nationally and internationally, may be handled leaving you with the fun part of the exercise – the shopping list!

There are photographs to help you make the right choice and you will also be given a location; the car’s odometer status and when the auction is likely to terminate, so you have a time line to work with.

Buying salvage flood cars at auction is entirely different to buying from salvage yards...