Salvage Motorcycles Auction

A motorcycle may be given a salvage title for several reasons. It may have been involved in an accident or flood and declared a total loss by the insurer, or it may have been stolen and recovered after the insurer had already paid the owner for his loss. Whatever the case for the salvage title, a salvage motorcycles auction sometimes offers buyers incredible opportunities. Sometimes bikes that can be restored or stripped for used parts are auctioned for very low prices. An online salvage auction site that deals with rebuildable motorcycles is a good place to look for these deals. Auto Bid Master works to connect users with auctions that have thousands of listings that are updated every week for used vehicles of every description, including many with salvage titles.

Buying at a Salvage Motorcycles Auction
If you are a long time motorcycle owner who knows how to do all of your own repair and maintenance work, buying a salvaged motorcycle at auction could be an excellent way to get hard to find or expensive replacement parts for pennies on the dollar. Likewise, if you want to rebuild a damaged or neglected motorcycle, you might be able to find the perfect one at an online auction.

A motorcycle with a salvage title is automatically viewed by the market as being worth very little, since there will always be worries about how well the machine was repaired, but if you buy it and fix it up yourself, you will have the confidence in your own work to know that you have a reliable motorcycle to ride. Buying a salvage motorcycle for spare parts will save you money because you are contributing the labor to strip the bike that a parts dealer would have to pay for to get the same materials ready for resale in his store.

Buying at an online auction rather than from a private seller will save you the hassles involved in handling the title paperwork, since the auction company has experts on staff to do that for you.

Set Your Bid to Get a Good Deal
Before you decide how much to bid on a salvage motorcycle, do some estimating of what all of your costs will be. In addition to the bid price, if you are the winner you will also pay the auction company a fee, you will have to pay to have the motorcycle transported to your location, and you will have to buy parts to fix the motorcycle up. If you are going to have your local motorcycle shop do any of the restoration work for you, don’t forget to add in the cost of their labor. After you have estimated all of your costs, it is a good idea to add fifty percent to the total to account for unexpected expenses. Be sure you bid low enough so that you can pay all of these costs and still end up with a great deal on your purchase.