Salvage Old Cars and Save a Fortune

Old cars need not necessarily be junk or worthless. Some salvage old cars are classics or vintage models that are highly sought after by enthusiasts. Others might be older models that have been retired from service: fleet cars; demo models; the treasured family sedan that simply requires a few engine parts to be back on the road again.

So why salvage old cars when you can buy new ones?

Money, of course! You can make enormous savings by going to auction to buy salvage old cars as a project for renovation or repair. Insurance companies have a write off policy that avoids costly repairs to vehicles that may better be written off to avoid the hassle and expensive administration that goes into repairing crash damaged cars, some with minimal scratching or denting. Other salvage old cars are not damage at all but merely submitted to auction as a result of payment defaults.

The insurance process is a complicated one and many of the regulations that govern the criteria for an insurance write off are hard to understand. Sometime beautiful vehicles end up at auction, looking straight out of the showroom. Some salvage old cars are in great condition with a low mileage but require a few safety adjustments. Others are totally collision damaged and require new parts to be fully roadworthy again.

Auto auctions online offer salvage old cars at ridiculously low prices. Such cars are rarely offered by dealerships at reasonable prices: they are either over-hyped as being sought after classics when in fact they are simply ‘old cars’ or they are traded in at auction by the dealers themselves. In this way a great many bargains go to waste and the car of your dreams could be waiting for you online – overlooked and undervalued, at a knockdown price.

Getting access to online auction is easy. There is an upfront fee to pay and a refundable deposit to make but all the costs involved are made abundantly clear from the outset; there are no hidden expenses or surprises at the conclusion of your transaction and payments are clearly itemized, made through a secure payment gateway to protect your personal information.

Taking the step to buy salvage old cars through online auction is the brightest idea you will ever have. And there are so many bargains to be found, bidders often go for more than one car at a time, for parts or for a second family vehicle – at these prices, why not!