Salvage RV for Sale

If you are looking for a recreational vehicle, you already know that brand new models carry a hefty price tag. A good alternative to buying a new RV is to look at the market for used RVs, or even to find a salvage RV for sale. Online auto auctions have used and salvage RV for sale listings. If you have a salvage RV to unload, an online auction site is likewise a good place to go to make the selling experience go more smoothly.

Buying a salvage RV and fixing it up yourself could save you well over half of the cost of a new model. An RV that has been damaged in an accident or by severe weather will often be declared a total loss by an insurance company, even though someone who is handy with tools and has the time could repair it for far less than the cost of buying a new one.

What to Look for in a Salvage RV
Location is one of the primary factors you will need to look at when you are shopping for a used or salvage RV. If you find the ideal RV halfway across the country, however, it can be shipped by Auto Bid Master. Many online auction sites have physical locations scattered throughout the country, so you can probably find one close by to deal with.

Be sure you have a good idea of the condition of the RV before you place a bid on it. It is best if you can physically inspect it before you bid, especially if you are buying a salvage RV to rebuild. While many RVs you might consider salvaging have mostly superficial damage, you need to be sure the one you are considering was not involved in an accident that caused severe structural damage, such as a bent frame, that could make the cost of salvaging it too high.

If you are negotiating with a private owner for a used or salvage RV, be sure they have all of the title paperwork in order before you write a check. If you deal with an online auction house, they are experienced in all of the legal aspects of such transactions and will handle them as part of their service.

Make the Most of Your RV Purchase
Be sure you have a solid estimate of what it will cost to repair the RV you are bidding on before you place your bid. If most of the needed work is cosmetic and you plan to do it yourself, check with an RV parts dealer to get prices. If more extensive work will be needed and you plan to have a professional shop do the work, be sure to get a firm bid for their services. After you have all possible costs accounted for you can set your bid on the salvage RV low enough so that you come out way ahead financially compared to buying a used RV in good condition, or even a new one.