Salvage Title Cars

Salvage title cars make a great investment, whether you’re a car restoration hobbyist, a body shop owner, or just someone who needs a running car on the cheap. Finding salvage title cars at auction is an excellent alternative to buying new or even used, because often a used car carries a huge markup on a lot. Insurance companies write off cars as totaled, often when the car has only a few dings, dents, scratches or minor collision damage. Salvage auction sites list these cars at prices meant to sell them. The savings to the buyer are substantial, with only extra money needed for minor repairs to get some of the automobiles road-worthy. You can find RVs, SUVs, classic cars, early and late models, motorcycles, Jet skis, snowmobiles and even farm equipment at a salvage auction, for pennies on the dollar. Millions of people avail themselves of these services, and there is no reason why you can’t, too. A little time online can save you thousands of dollars.

Nowadays, the average person can search online for just the right salvage deal. Your barely-damaged salvage car can be yours, with even the parts needed to bring it back to cherry available at a fraction of retail price. You can get the car, the parts, and the delivery…all with a simple bidding processing at an online salvage auction.

You might even consider the deals to be had at these auctions as so incredible, that you want to buy more than one car and resell the extras yourself for a substantial profit. Leaving no stone unturned in this economy can mean the difference between making your mortgage payment and having to hit the pavement. Your choices are so varied, that with a minimal investment for the vehicle itself (plus parts and shipping), you can fix up cars and flip them for a profit with a minimum of worry.