Salvage Title Motorcycles

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, buying salvage title motorcycles might be something to consider, either for stripping for useable parts or for rebuilding into roadworthy machines. Many salvage title motorcycles are actually in better condition than you might expect, since insurance companies are likely to take possession of a vehicle as a total loss rather than spending the money to repair it if its book value has declined significantly. A motorcycle damaged in an accident may be in good enough condition to repair with a modest investment in parts and labor. If you already have a motorcycle that needs maintenance, buying a wrecked motorcycle of the same model might give you access to replacement parts in good condition at a much lower cost than buying parts new from a dealer. You can talk to your insurance agent to get leads on places to look for wrecked motorcycles for sale, or you can look at the auction listings from facilities at online auction brokerage sites such as Auto Bid Master.

Evaluate Salvage Title Motorcycles Before You Buy
Some things to consider before you place a bid on a wrecked motorcycle are the machine's location and its actual condition. If you find a motorcycle far from your home, however, you can always get it shipped by Auto Bid Master. So, if you bid on a machine online, be sure to search the listings for vehicles near you that you can pick up yourself, or figure the cost of shipping into your budget.

Learn as much about the condition of the motorcycle as you can before you bid. If the damage is too great for you to be able to repair it at a reasonable cost, it might make more sense to look for a good used bike that is still in good repair.

Check with your state motor vehicle division to find out about salvage titles and whether a new regular title can be issued for a damaged motorcycle after you have finished rebuilding it. Laws vary from state to state concerning vehicles that have been totaled and subsequently rebuilt.

Save Some Money on Salvage title Motorcycles
If you want to rebuild a damaged motorcycle, be sure to carefully estimate what it will cost to do so before you decide how much you can pay to buy the machine. If you are going to have a professional bike shop do some of the work for you, get firm bids beforehand. If your primary reason for buying the bike is to salvage parts from it, be sure your bid is low enough so that you actually get more value from the parts than if you bought them from a parts house. Bidding on a wrecked motorcycle after taking care to estimate accurately what it will cost to fix it up is a good way to get a nice motorcycle at a very low price compared to buying a used bike in good condition from a dealer.