Salvaged Cars for Sale

A “salvage car” is one that’s been written off by the insurance company as having damage that’s more than the car’s actually worth. Salvage cars for sale may have collision damage, hail damage, flood damage, theft recovery, vandalism or any number of reasons for being considered salvaged vehicles. Considering the high price of body work and collision estimates, for an older model car with a lower blue book value, that can sometimes mean that a relatively small problem can make a car a salvage vehicle. That means that sometimes an older car that’s been written off as a total can sometimes present an exceptionally good deal (although once a car gets past 15 years or so, replacement parts can start to be a problem). Sometimes the damage is no more than superficial, but still enough for the insurer to call it a total loss.

When you bid on a salvage car for sale, you can get a good look at the car on the online description. AutoBidMaster can arrange to have a licensed mechanic give the car a thorough inspection and give you the complete rundown on what the car might need to be repaired and fully safe and drivable again.

Cars can be shipped to you at your convenience, for a pre-set delivery fee.

Remember that salvage cars don’t always present a good deal. A car that’s been in a collision, especially, can have frame, suspension, steering or brake issues that can make it difficult to repair or ultimately unsafe. And depending on the kind of collision, sometimes a salvage car can have hidden damage to the transmission and drivetrain from the impact, causing parts to wear out prematurely. But by going through Auto Bid Master and using a licensed mechanic’s inspection and advice, you can bid on a salvage car with confidence, and make your decision based on how much you’re willing to spend up front, how good your fix-it skills are and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into the car to make it safe and drivable again.