Selling Cars on the Internet

Traditionally, anyone who has wanted to sell a used or junk car has done so by placing an ad in the classified section of their local paper, placing a 'for sale' sign on the car, posting ads on local bulletin boards, or contacting a local car dealer. However, those people with Internet access, which includes most people these days, can also sell a car over the Internet. This offers sellers, especially those with difficult to market cars, access to a broader market than they can reach through attempts to sell locally.

Selling cars on the Internet is similar to selling any other item. Careful preparations are necessary to achieve a successful sale. Remember that potential Internet buyers can't view the car, test drive it, check the oil, and kick the tires as a buyer can in person. So it is first necessary to have clear pictures. One needs to be of the entire car from back, front and each side. Then it is good to have close-ups of the windshield, and windows so the interested parties can see there are no cracks in the glass. Pictures of the interior are also helpful.

When purchasing in person, buyers check out mechanical condition to the best of their knowledge. They check the oil and test drive the car to look for mechanical problems. Since an internet buyer can not do this, it is wise for the one selling cars on the internet to have a local mechanic check the car over and prepare a report on its condition. The report can then be forwarded to any one who expresses an interest in the vehicle. The report should also include the address and a phone contact for the business that checked the car out. That way, the potential buyer is free to call the shop and ask any questions they may have about the car.

Those interested in the car are also going to want to be sure that the seller has a clear title to the car. So copies of verification of ownership should also be available for viewing.

Terms of payment also need to be determined prior to advertising the vehicle. The seller needs to be sure of receiving payment before releasing the car. The buyer needs an assurance of delivery prior to paying for the car. So if the two are not going to meet, some procedure needs to be agreed upon by both parties.

Another important consideration that needs to be worked out is delivery. Will that be the total responsibility of the buyer or will the owner assume partial or all of the responsibility?

There are many ways to deal with all of the issues involved in long distance selling. The transaction just needs to be well planned so there is no friction during or after the process. So what is most important is that the individual selling cars on the internet and the individual purchasing the car be in agreement upon how all of the issues will be dealt with.