Semi Truck Salvage

Our economy depends on semi trucks (also known as semi trailer trucks, eighteen wheelers and big rigs), which transfer from state to state a vast assortment of much needed goods. Typically, a semi truck consists of a tractor unit which pulls behind it a very large trailer; interestingly, the most common semi truck configuration in the United States rolls on ten wheels, not eighteen.

There are many different types of semi truck trailers: reefers, flatbeds, sidelifts, vans, and tankers all fall under the semi truck trailer classification. These semi trucks work hard, typically going for hundreds of thousands of miles before they are finally relieved of duty. But what happens when these trucks are retired, wrecked, or otherwise no longer needed or used? Many go die a somewhat undignified death in a truck salvage yard, and are picked apart piece by piece. Others go on to be repaired and rebuilt after they are sold in a private sale or at an online auction.

Insurance companies, individuals, and salvage resellers alike all turn to online vehicle salvage sites to advertised and unload wrecked or totaled semi trucks. Online salvage auctions are the favored choice for semi truck salvage sales because they reach a huge audience, which is a must for such a difficult type of vehicle to sell; not only are semi trucks sometimes tricky to unload, sales of wrecked or salvage titled semi trucks can be downright difficult. Auto Bid Master, as a registered broker, facilitates auction access and bidding for a wide range of potential bidders. After all, most online salvage lots are only paid when sales go through, so they are very invested in the ultimate success of the semi truck’s listing.

Semi truck buyers are benefited by online salvage auction listings. Virtually any make or model semi truck can be found in the massive amount of listings through an auction, and listings constantly change, even further increasing the probability that buyers will find exactly what they want. Buyers can search by age, whether damage exists or what type of damage it has (such as flood damage), as well as location and price.

Semi trucks can be found for outrageous deals, with working condition semi trucks sometimes discounted by more than half of normal purchase price. Rebuildable semi trucks usually have been through a wreck and need significant (but doable) repairs or have been stolen and later recovered. Some buyers may even snatch up super cheap wrecked or totaled semi trucks to pick through for parts to resell individually or to stock to make repairs for a fleet of similar semi trucks. Regardless of what a buyer purchases from a semi truck online salvage auction, or why they do it, those buyers stand to realize tremendous savings in comparison to older, more conventional truck buying resources.

If you are purchasing a salvage semi truck to rebuild cheaply and get back on the road, check with your insurance provider to make sure that coverage is possible once repairs and made and the new title is issued. Sometimes finding coverage for a rebuilt vehicle is difficult, very expensive, or both; this is especially a concern for semi trucks as insurance for the trucks is normally more expensive than other vehicles.