Suzuki Motorcycle Salvage

If you are a Suzuki motorcycle enthusiast, you probably do most of your own repair and maintenance, so you know that your machine is in the top possible condition. Since you know your motorcycle inside and out, you know exactly what parts you need to do a repair job correctly. An excellent way to get good useable parts at really low prices is by bidding on Suzuki motorcycle salvage listings in online auctions. Auto Bid Master not only lists autos, but also motorcycles, RVs and other vehicles. Their listings are an excellent place to find wrecked motorcycles or used motorcycles that can be refurbished and returned to action, or simply bought for salvaging spare parts.

Be Sure You Know What You are Bidding On
If you decide to bid on a wrecked, damaged, or neglected Suzuki motorcycle intending to rebuild it for your own use, you need to check into a few details first. Ask your state motor vehicle department if they will issue a new title for a vehicle that has been declared a total loss and sold for salvage. Laws vary from state to state on this issue. Also, start your bidding with bikes that are physically located close to where you live. If you are the successful bidder on a wrecked bike that is half way across the country from you, you can arrange shipping cost effectively through Auto Bid Master.

Be sure you know exactly what you are bidding on. If you can, go to the auction yard and physically inspect the motorcycle you want to buy. Look at the frame for damage and assess whether you really can restore the machine to good running condition at a reasonable cost. If you can’t visit the site yourself, check the auction listing for a report on the condition and history of the motorcycle.

Make Sure You are Getting a Good Deal
Before you decide how much to bid on a Suzuki motorcycle salvage listing, take the time to calculate all of the costs you will incur in the project. Talk to parts dealers to get a firm bid on replacement parts. Figure in the cost of labor to rebuild the machine if you are paying other people to help you with the work. Don’t forget to add in shipping costs and the other costs you will pay the auction company if you are the successful bidder. The auction company will charge you fees, either a flat fee or a percentage of the purchase price, for their services in arranging the sale, handling the payment, and securing the new title for you. After you know exactly how much the project is going to cost, you can decide the maximum amount you are willing to bid. By carefully estimating costs and bidding conservatively, you can probably get a great deal on your next Suzuki.