Trash to Cash: 5 Salvage Cars that are Sure to Pay Off

The salvage car restoration business is highly popular in Texas and a lot of other states. It is one of the reasons why custom car shops are also popular around the country. Salvage car auctions are a Mecca for custom shop owners, as they can pick the seemingly trashiest cars and turn them into snazzy cash magnets. In fact, many car enthusiasts also invest in repairable salvage cars to own their dream rides at fractional prices. If you too are looking to write your next trash to cash story, here are some popular cars to look for at salvage cars auction.

1. Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO is a popular American muscle car that made its debut in 1964. Staying true to its image as a muscle car, the Pontiac GTO has robust exteriors and some serious under the hood heat. Each variant of this beauty has subdued exteriors, comfortable interiors, great safety features, and exceptionally powerful performance. The car has been bestowed with rave reviews and even selected as the ‘Motor Trend Car of the Year’ in 1968.

2. Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro is yet another American muscle car that you should consider when buying from salvage car auctions. It is perfect package offering style and performance. The car went on sale in 1966, and since then, it has been the poster car of the automobile industry. From the earliest models till date, Camaro has never failed to impress car enthusiasts with its innovative technology, appealing design, and sheer power. The 2016 model stands out with an impressive range of connective technologies, three powertrain options, refined performance, and sleek style.

3. Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5

Mazda, a popular Japanese auto company, came into limelight in the early 1960s with Wankel rotary engines. Until the 70s, the car maker enjoyed the success of its rotary and later switched its focus towards piston engine models. Beginning with the 1978 model, RX-7, the Japanese company introduced another mean machine - Mazda Roadster or MX-5. From the popular Roadster, which had dual overhead cam inline four-cylinder engine, to the 2016 model, which features SKYACTIV®10-G 2.0L DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder with VVT, Mazda has constantly strived to provide an unmatched driving experience.

4. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

The iconic Ford Mustang needs no introduction. From 1962 till date, the sporty American Coupe has crossed five generations and still going strong. An inspiration to various Coupe designs, such as Toyota Celica, the car has constantly improved over the years, delivering meticulously crafted designs for an unparalleled driving experience. The car is built on an ingenious, strong, and lightweight base structure. If you wish to buy a Ford Mustang at a fractional price, consider bidding at salvage car auctions.

5. Kia Optima

Kia Optima

Everything about the Kia Optima will make your jaws drop. Founded as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts, the South Korean automotive company stepped into the automotive industry in 1973. The car maker built passenger cars and light trucks before joining hands with Ford. In 2000, the company manufactured Kia Optima, a mid-sized sedan, and over the years, its design, technology, and performance have improved in leaps and bounds. Its earliest version was a rebadged variant of the Hyundai Sonata and the latest version flaunts burning power, a sporty style, and plenty of convenience and luxury.


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