Truck Salvage

Buying a Salvage Truck
Many people who want to purchase a vehicle with a salvage title are interested because the price is often far lower. If you want to purchase a salvage truck, your plan of action depends on your reasons for purchasing the truck.

Some buy salvage trucks for parts or personal projects. The cost of completing such projects is well reduced by buying a salvage truck at auction, so it is an attractive option for this purpose. Also, a farmer or rancher might be looking for something that can get around their property, hauling various items, but they may not need the truck to be road worthy or insured. Salvage trucks which are somewhat functional or can be made cheaply functional make excellent work trucks.

Finding Out Title Information
If you want to buy a salvage truck that has a salvage title but still can be made to run or is already repaired to road worthy standards, it is probably a wise idea to check the vehicle’s history through the listing to determine the reason the car was totaled. Sometimes lower valued vehicles are totaled by insurance companies for relatively minor reasons, but other times the truck may have had serious damage. Weather related issues as well as frame damage are red flags. It is possible, however, to find trucks which can be made reasonably functional through salvage auctions, if you are willing to make the extra effort to research the vehicle.

One of your biggest hurdles even after completing repairs will be to find an insurance company willing to cover your truck. They do exist, but it is much more difficult to insure a vehicle with a salvage title and they are almost always covered for significantly less than trucks of similar makes and models with normal titles. Financing is also difficult for salvaged trucks. On a final note, do your legal homework before making significant or expensive repairs to a salvage truck – some states have laws which disallow vehicles with salvage titles from ever getting back on the road.

Why do You Need a Special Account?
By using a company like Auto Bid Master, buyers can search and bid on auctions for wrecked trucks. Even if you're not a dealer, it's possible to get the same kinds of deals that body shops and salvage shops can find.

If you need to have your purchase shipped after you've won an auction, it's easy to set up shipping through Auto Bid Master. With cost effective shipping, you don't need to worry about spending more on transport than you did on the vehicle itself.