Used Cars with Salvage Titles

Used Cars with Salvage Titles: Buying at Auction

Used cars with salvage titles may be bought from a salvage auction.

Used cars with salvage titles are usually insurance write offs. Many of these vehicles are collision damaged, this is true, however, quite a few are undamaged and are at auction as a result of being repossessed or retired from fleet service. Rep’s cars and ex rentals tend to have a higher mileage but if you are looking for something recent, a repossessed vehicle might be what you are looking for – with a low mileage and fully loaded!

How do I get the car home?

Don’t worry, you can arrange t shipping from the auction site, both nationally and internationally, and also arrange for the car to be inspected and prior to bidding. Payment is made through a secure payment gateway and the car may be delivered to a residence or business premises in just a few days for inland transportation. For international destinations, a glance at the website can supply all the information required. Used cars with salvage titles are shipped with carrier’s cover insurance totalling US$100,000 per vehicle, so this method of buying really is safe and secure. Buyers may also track their shipment if they wish.

Anyone with a tight budget and a desire to make their money go as far as possible might purchase used cars with salvage titles to save on their motoring costs. Families obliged to own more than one vehicle often have a company car parked on the driveway but require something for shopping and school runs. This is exactly the kind of problem that may be helped by buying used cars with salvage titles. Nobody need spend a fortune on buying a second or even third family car when you can purchase salvage cars via online auto auctions.