Damaged Vehicles Auction in the Middle East

In the Middle East, there will be regular auctions held for damaged vehicles and you will find generally about a hundred cars that may go under the hammer on a single occasion. Mostly, these cars will come in from the insurance companies after they have been declared as not economical for repair. It is easier to pay out the owners of the car for the value agreed upon in lieu of the repair cost for the insurance company. These cars will then feature at the damaged vehicles auction in the Middle East.

The cars are put up in these auctions for the highest bidder. You do not require a dealers' license to attend these damaged vehicle auctions. Most of the people bidding will be wreckers or recyclers who are adding to their stock for dismantling the cars or they may be mechanics who may strive to repair the car for their own use or to resell.

The classification of the vehicle is important for you to be aware of when you buy at a damaged vehicle auction. There are three kinds of cars that you may come across at an auction for damaged vehicles. There are repairable write offs, statutory write offs and vehicles that have no classification. The repairable write offs will mostly require an exclusive inspection that will be done at your expense before you can get the vehicle registered. The statutory write off vehicles cannot be made roadworthy and they can be dismantled for their parts. Vehicles that have been damaged by salt water or flooded above the dashboard for a brief period of time have to be marked as statutory write offs.

You have to know a great deal about the damaged car that you are about to bid for to know if it is worth buying at damaged vehicles auction in the Middle East. The important consideration is that you should be in a position to bring the car back on the road and also save considerably to make it worth your trouble.