Vintage Car Salvage Yards

You may not know it, but your local salvage yard may be hiding treasures in the form of vintage cars. Throughout the years, thousands of now vintage cars have been sold off to salvage yards. From there, they often go to salvaged car auctions, just waiting for someone to invest a little time, money and elbow grease. From vintage cars with a little bit of body damage to rusted out hulls that need a lot of TLC, if you are a car enthusiast, used and salvage car auctions can help you rescue vintage cars from salvage lots.

Unfortunately, many of the junk yards have been picked over, so be prepared to spend a good deal of time looking for the perfect yard with the best inventory. The good news is, many salvage yards are going modern, and putting their inventory on auto auctions. Whether you are looking for a spoiler or a tire, in many instances, you can hop online and perform a simple search for the parts you need. Many true car enthusiasts will tell you that part of the fun is searching through the thousands of listings. In fact, some of the greatest treasures can be found that way.

Because many vintage car enthusiasts are simply looking for parts, it is a great idea to find vintage cars at auction designed for ‘parting out.’ Many junk yards simply do not have a large inventory of the classic muscle car that is so desired by vintage car enthusiast (they are usually snapped right up as soon as they come on the market). What they do have are the vintage parts to repair these classic dream cars. Typically ‘parting out’ occurs when a vintage vehicle is brought in for salvage and the body is either not a ‘hot’ number or is too damaged. Qualified technicians dismantle the car, salvaging everything that can be recycled and reused. This can include everything from rear view windows to engine parts. Even the frame is often parted out. This can be a cost effective way to get the vintage parts your need to restore your own car.

For those old car lovers who are looking to get started, it is important to find vintage car salvage auctions that list repairable vehicles. These are often difficult to come across, but salvage yards that specialize in putting these cars up for auction seem to have the knack for locating cars that can be saved. Many times they will require extensive work, but often the frame and original panels are intact, if rusted and in need of work.

If you have ever been to a classic car show like the famous Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise in Michigan, you know how beautiful a classic car can be. While some of these treasures come from the garage, a great deal of them are rebuildable cars. Often starting from the ground up, vintage car lovers have come to rely on their local (and sometimes not so local) vintage car salvage yard auctions.