Why Men Love for Cars Rivals That of Women

The ancient bond between man and machine needs no introduction. Ever since automobiles were introduced, they have ruled the hearts of men. For some, their undeniable love for cars is such that if given a choice, they would rather take a supercar for a spin than go out on a date. Whether it is a brand new or pre-owned automobile, men adore their four-wheeled beauties. Auto auctions in Houston provide an abundance of choice for car enthusiasts at affordable prices. If you are trying to figure the reason behind men’s passion for cars, this blog post provides some answers. Read on.

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Cars are Intensively Attractive

Though both cars and women are visually attractive, men’s attraction to cars is usually more intense and lasts longer. Most cars have classical shapes and curves that mimic the opposite sex. Additionally, unlike women, most cars mature with age, strengthening the bond between man and machine.

Man and Machine Have a Lasting Relation

A car is arguably the best buddy and partner a man can have. This is because, unlike women, cars allow men to dominate and control the relationship. The relationship between man and machine is predictable yet stable, as cars allow them to drive whenever and wherever they so wish. Additionally, unlike women, cars welcome friends with open arms. A car provides more than a mode of transportation, but a bond that is difficult to break.

Driving Delivers the Desired Adrenaline Rush

A car gives man the desired freedom, and is always around when needed. The sound of a car’s engine is like a lullaby, and its speed gives men an addictive adrenaline rush. Some cars are built for off-roading, some are meant for speed thrills, while others are designed for long road trips. They are equipped with modern features, making them a pleasure to drive.

Men Can Customize Cars the Way They Want

Men love that they can customize their cars , while they have to be largely content when it comes to their women,. A car can be easily modified to suit the owner’s style and preferences, whether it is adding accessories to enhance its appeal or up to performance. Additionally, men are ready to invest in the periodic maintenance of their cars, which involves changing rusting clutch plate, blown tire, or brake oil, as it gives them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

A Car Reflects a Man’s Identity

According to psychology, possessions are integral to self-identity. Be it sports cars such as Mustang, or luxury cars such as Lexus, men like to come across as powerful, dynamic, and impressive. Additionally, cars come with an unwavering ommitment to their owners, whereas having the hottest lady on your arm doesn’t guarantee loyalty. Some have even likened the fascination of men with cars to a projection of their sexuality, which why they take their time when selecting the right car.

Final Verdict

The stunning machines drive men crazy to such an extent that some wont mind turning down a date for a chance to take a mean machine for a spin. AutoBidMaster offers pre-owned, salvage, insurance, and repo cars at fraction of their cost. Whether you are in Dallas, Austin, Houston, or any other city in Texas, you can participate in public car auctions at AutoBidMaster.com and own a machine that complements your style. To know more about auto auctions in Houston, Texas fill out our contact form, or simply call +1 (503) 298-4300.