Wrecked Repairable Motorcycle

Wrecked Repairable Motorcycle: Biker´s Heaven

Bikers seem to fall into two categories, rich and poor. Whether you are the kind of biker who can afford to buy whatever you want or the kind who has to save for every nut and bolt, there seems little sense in paying more than you need for bikes and parts. Buying Wrecked Repairable Motorcycle at auction can mean owning a stable of mean machines.

Bikers start out with buying right up to the limit of what they can afford when it comes to buying a first motorcycle and for bikers who have a preference for super bikes like Harley Davidson and the big Japanese touring bikes, it can be an expensive affair. As bikers get older they seem to develop a healthy liking for bigger, faster machines that cost a whole lot more than they can afford. Wrecked Repairable Motorcycle available at auction provide bikers with a massive range of machines and also enable them to purchase parts, some to keep and some to stock for future modifications and repairs.

Workshop bikes and rebuilds have always been costly, both for the bikes and parts and also having to find cash for traveling back and forth to bike dealers.

There are hundreds of bikes to choose from at each auction, many that are collision damaged or require mechanical attention but also there are quite a few that are undamaged and are repossessions, some are retired courier service bikes and some are ex stock motorcycles and fairly recent models. Most of these bikes have been written off by insurance companies and sent to auction at low prices.

Inspections may be arranged at the client´s request and transportation may be arranged from the auction site to the client’s designated address. International shipping may be organized as well as national deliveries.