2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L 6 for Sale

MN - Minneapolis North VIN# 2G2WP522751332311
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Model Year: 2005

Brand: Pontiac

Model: Grandprix


Odometer:204000 SMI

Damage Type: FRONT END

Exterior Color: RED

Body Style: SEDAN 4DR

Fuel Type: GAS

Engine: 3.8L 6

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VIN: 2G2WP522751332311
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204,000 Exempt ?
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Body Style: SEDAN 4DR
Color: RED
Engine: 3.8L 6
Drive: Front-wheel Drive
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: GAS
Keys: YES
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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L
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The salvage Pontiac Grand Prix for sale is available with so many options to choose from right here. The Pontiac Grand Prix, an all American car, was introduced through the Pontiac division of General Motors in 1962 and saw several models and changes right up to 2008 when the car was discontinued in its seventh generation avatar. What started out in the 60s as a flamboyant personal luxury car transformed over the years to being a family coupe or sedan with good performance due to the V6 and V8 engines. The typical design style of the sweeping roofline and twin grille nose was a big draw throughout its run. The last generation Grand Prix sedan style was offered in models like base, GXP, and GT. If you are looking for a salvage Pontiac Grand Prix for you or your client, look for the GT that features a supercharged 260 hp V6 as this one is known for being powerful, fuel efficient and handling well. At AutoBidMaster.com you are sure to find the most suitable salvage Pontiac Grand Prix for your requirements whether for parts or to repair and restore to its former 60s style glory.

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