4 Easy Steps to Buying a Car at Auction

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To start bidding, you will first need to register for your AutoBidMaster membership and place a small refundable security deposit. You will be able to bid immediately once your deposit has been placed.
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Using our Vehicle Finder you will be able to search for the item you like, and start bidding right away. You will be able to bid online during Preliminary Bidding, Live Auction, or both. It’s up to you!
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Once you win, your payment is due the next business day after the sale. Your invoice will include all applicable auction fees, our transaction fee, and the final sale price of the vehicle.
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Congratulations on your new purchase! Once you have purchased a vehicle, AutoBidMaster will arrange fast, safe, hassle-free expert shipping with one of our licensed, bonded and insured transporters.
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Step 1. Join
Step 2. Bid

Your Membership will will be activated immediately after your deposit has been placed.

Each auction has two phases: Preliminary Bidding and the Live Auction. The Preliminary Bidding phase begins when the vehicle is assigned a sale date and continues until one hour before the Live Auction. During the Preliminary Bidding period you can submit your bid 24 hours a day. When the Preliminary Bidding period ends the vehicles are then moved to the Live Auction. If you are outbid during the Preliminary phase you will receive an email notification which will provide you with the opportunity to increase your maximum bid before the live auction begins.

Once the Live Auction starts you will be able to submit your bid in real-time. Live Auctions move very quickly, and hundreds of people from around the world watch each live auction. Note: You are using our service to bid. Therefore, regardless of where you are located, in any live auction your bid will be shown as the State of Oregon

As a convenience for our members, you can use the Bid4U feature. Bid4U is an automated bidding system that during Preliminary Bidding allows you to enter the maximum price you're willing to pay for the vehicle. To keep you as the top bidder, Bid4U will incrementally bid on the vehicle on your behalf, up to your maximum bid. Once your maximum bid is reached Bid4U stops placing bids on your behalf. This allows you to purchase a vehicle below your maximum bid if bidding does not meet or exceed your maximum.

Once a bid has been placed it cannot be retracted, lowered, or cancelled. If an auction ends with you as a high bidder you will be obligated to either purchase the vehicle or forfeiting your security deposit. For this reason it is very important to double check your bid amount and the lot number of the auction prior to submitting your bid.

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Step 3. Buy

Once you've won the auction an invoice and wire transfer instructions will become available in your My Account as well as emailed to you. Payments for all vehicles must be made by bank wire transfer only. We cannot accept payment by any other method. Trade-ins, credit cards, cashier's checks, counter deposits, and account to account bank transfers are not accepted.

We suggest that our customers order shipping the day they win their vehicles, so that both invoices can be paid via one wire.

Payment for won vehicles is due the next business day after the end of the auction by 5 PM for domestic customers, and by 5 PM the second business day after the end of the auction for international customers. For example, if you won an auction on Friday the 9th, you would need to make payment by 5 PM Pacific time on Monday the 12th. Each day that the payment is late will result in a $50 late payment fee.

Once you have won, you will be paying your final bid price, applicable auction fees based on the final sales price, and our transaction and documentation fees.

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Step 4. Ship

AutoBidMaster does not offer in-house shipping, but we do suggest working with EasyHaul.com for your vehicle shipping needs. EasyHaul.com has provided a shipping calculator on every vehicle listing which will provide you with an estimated shipping price for that vehicle.

AutoBidMaster has had a great working relationship with EasyHaul for nearly a decade, having shipped thousands of vehicles both domestic and international for AutoBidMaster customers. EasyHaul's shipping staff works with the industry’s most reliable and bonded shippers. All vehicles are fully insured for both domestic and international destinations. Because of their strong relationships with their transporters they can save you money while ensuring your vehicle arrives when and where you need it without hassle.

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