How It Works

AutoBidMaster is the industry leading online auto auction marketplace.
We connect you to thousands of independent third-party sellers in the largest vehicle auction inventory in the US & Canada.


We are a brokerage service for Copart Auto Auctions. All auction yards are owned and operated by Copart Auto Auctions.

1 Register

To start bidding, you must first register with AutoBidMaster. Registration includes a Free Basic Membership. You will need to upgrade to another membership if your buying needs exceed the limitations of the Basic Membership.

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We offer two paid membership levels with expanded benefits above the Basic Membership.

Membership Basic
Membership Basic
Membership Basic
Photo id
Info Please Note:

Incorrect information can cause delays and additional fees in refiling documentation, please make sure the personal information you provide is correct.

2 Provide a Government
Issued Photo ID

Your government issued photo ID is used to verify your identity and contact information. Federal and state regulations require this ID be on file for both the seller and buyer to guard against vehicle theft and/or fraud.

3 Set Your Buyer Power

Your Buyer Power determines the maximum you can bid on any given auction and is set with a deposit. A minimum deposit of $400 is required, and constitutes 10% of your Buyer Power.

A $400 deposit will set Buyer Power at $4,000. Your deposit can be released at any time provided you have no outstanding invoices or bids.
Set buyer power
Info Please Note:

The deposit is a “Hold” not a “Charge” on your credit card. This hold is automatically released after 30 days. In the case of an auction win a deposit hold will not be released until the vehicle leaves the auction yard. A deposit made by credit card cannot be used towards the payment of a vehicle.

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A deposit made by wire transfer has additional benefits over a credit card deposit. A wire transfer deposit can be used towards the payment of a vehicle and will also remain on file until you wish to have it refunded.

Vehicle search
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AutoBidMaster gives you the ability to save any search criteria you have set. Once a search is saved, you can choose to receive updates by email or text with newly arrived vehicles for auction that match your search criteria.

AutoBidMaster also has a watchlist feature that can be used to track specific vehicles that interest you. When you add a vehicle to your watchlist, you will receive updates by email or text to any changes to that vehicles status and when that vehicle nears the live bidding phase.

4 Vehicle Search

AutoBidMaster has thousands of vehicle types, makes, and models to search from. You can also search for additional criteria including but not limited to: title type, vehicle condition, odometer, and location.

5 Vehicle Inspection

AutoBidMaster strongly encourages all members to inspect the vehicle before bidding and before taking possession of the vehicle at the auction yard.

Vehicle inspection
Info Please Note:

All vehicles are sold “AS IS” and where is. AutoBidMaster is a marketplace and brokerage service that does not provide any representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the quality or condition of any vehicle listed.

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We provides 3 tools any member can use to inspect a vehicle before choosing to bid:

  1. AutoBidMaster has partnered with Clearvin to provide easy to understand vehicle history reports for any vehicle.
    Look for the ClearVIN next to the VIN for more information.
  2. Members can visit any Copart facility in the US or Canada. Vehicle inspection is available until one hour before Live Bidding starts.
    Items you will need to take with you:
    - Valid ID
    - AutoBidMaster Bidder #
    - AutoBidMaster Account Login & Password
    - $25 Entrance Fee
  3. If you cannot inspect a vehicle yourself, you can order a vehicle inspection from the lot page. This service must be ordered at least 3 days before the start of the live auction.

6 Auction Types
Pure Sale

The lot will be awarded to the highest bidder of the auction.

Buy Now

If a buyer is willing to pay the listed price they can skip the bidding process.

Minimum Bid

Seller reserves the right to not sell if the minimum price is not met.

On Approval

The seller of the vehicle retains the right to approve any bid before sale of the vehicle.

7 Preliminary Bidding

Every vehicle sold through auction goes through two bidding phases, a “Preliminary” bid and a “Live” bid. Preliminary bidding last until one hour before the live auction depending on the vehicle for sale. Once you place a bid, that bid is binding and cannot be canceled or retracted.

Preliminary bidding
Info TIP

Bid4U allows you to set a maximum bid on an auction. Bid4U will then bid automatically in increments until the auction has been won or it has reached your maximum bid. Our system will notify you by email if you have won, lost or been outbid.

Live auction
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Our “Win Guarantee” feature, allows you to agree to have one of our Sales Agents represent you in the auction. Our Sales Agent will bid up to an agreed upon maximum on any auction(s) of your choosing and will negotiate with the seller on your behalf should the need arise.

Info Please Note:

Because AutoBidMaster is registered as a business in Oregon, all bids placed through AutoBidMaster will display as coming from the state of Oregon.

8 Live Bidding

Live bidding happens very quickly, lasting only seconds. The countdown timer will keep refreshing with every bid placed. When the bidding stops, the timer will circle to red, and the bidding is over. Live bidding is available only to Advanced & Premium membership holders

9 Payment

You will be notified by email when you win an auction. This email will detail all the steps required to finish the sale, and will include the invoice, along with instructions on making payment by wire transfer. It is highly recommended that you make payment as promptly as possible to avoid any additional fees.

Info Please Note:

Should payment not be made on a vehicle, there is a relist fee of $400 or 10% of the purchase price of the vehicle, whichever is greater, and will be covered by your deposit. The AutoBidMaster transaction fee will also still apply.

Payment must be received by 5pm PST of the following business day after the auction end date. There is a late fee of $50 a day for every day past the one business day grace period.

10 Documentation

Once payment is made, ownership documents will be sent from Copart to AutoBidMaster. AutoBidMaster will also send you a notification to E-Sign your Purchase Agreement Documents. Please allow 2-5 weeks for your ownership documentation to be processed.

11 Shipping, is an independent company offering AutoBidMaster members a simple vehicle shipping solution. From getting a quote to delivery updates, you can now manage the entire shipping process from your AutoBidMaster account. Save time and money when you order shipping with us!