Ready to buy a vehicle
from AutoBidMaster?

Let us help you understand how in 10 easy steps! We’ve
prepared this special guide for Nigerians to help you get
the car of your dreams.

How To Buy

Register at

First, you’ll need to register to bid. It’s free and you can click on any “Register Now” button to do so.

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Set Buyer Power

Increase your security deposit at any time by logging in and going to Buyer Power in the main navigation. The minimum deposit is $400, or 10% (Depends on what is bigger) of the desired maximum bid.

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Upload your ID

To upload a government-issued photo ID: Log in and go to the “Documents and IDs” tab in the main menu and drag and drop the photograph of the government-issued photo ID or click “Upload File”.

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Take a picture of your passport and upload it.
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Check to see if the vehicle is eligible for export from the U.S.

Vehicles are not eligible for export if the lot page “Ownership Doc Type” field shows: BOS / BILL OF SALE / JUNK / PARTS / SCRAP / LIEN. If the field shows “P” (Pending Title), it could take 30 days to receive your documents which in turn can delay your shipment for 30 days.

Check the full price including fees

To see the price breakdown click on “Fees Calculator” in the Bid Information block on the Lot page. For Nigerian users, we have a special fee - $299 that doesn’t depend on the final bid amount.

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Check the price for shipping to Nigeria

This can be done in the Location and Shipping block on the lot page. The best shipping rates and options for Nigeria will be Georgia and New Jersey.

Bid on a car and win it

To take part in a live auction you must submit an acceptable preliminary bid. Once the live auction begins, wait for your vehicle to go up for auction and bid. Good luck!

Please Note: AutoBidMaster is registered as doing business in the State of Oregon, therefore all user bidding in the live auction will show as originating from the State of Oregon.

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Pay for a lot you’ve won

If you are the High Bidder at auction end, you will receive an email notification for next steps, and an invoice attached. To see the final auction results; Log in go to “Bid Status” , and click "Lots Won" tab in the main menu.

Sign your documents to begin ownership transfer

Select the ownership document to be signed in the “Documents to Sign” section and provide all required electronic signatures.

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Order shipping

AutoBidMaster recommends customers to arrange to pick up with an experienced shipper. You can order shipping by clicking the “Place Order” button on the “Lots Won” tab on the ”Bid Status” page. See more info about Shipping on a dedicated page.