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Here Is How The Shipping Process Works

Before You Buy
Step Pin Check with the Customs Service
about what you can or cannot import.
Confirm the vehicle you buy has valid documentation for export. Do not buy a vehicle if the lot page “Ownership Doc Type” field shows: BOS/ BILL OF SALE / JUNK / PARTS / SCRAP / LIEN as those vehicles cannot be exported from the U.S. If you purchase a car with a “Pending” (P) title, there will be a 30-day delay on your shipment until the pending title is processed. Customs clearance and vessel loading will proceed only after title is received at the loading warehouse.
Step Pin Alerts
Map Map
Step Pin You can reduce the cost of shipping by looking for a vehicle close to the port of export.
Pay For Your Vehicle
Payment must be received by the end of the 2nd business day from the auction end date. You must pay for your vehicle via bank wire as soon as possible to avoid late fees.
Step Pin Step 2 Pics
Vehicle Pick up
Step 3 Truck
Step Pin The invoice for your vehicle, and any outstanding fees, must be paid in full before we will arrange a driver to pick up your vehicle from the auction yard. Payment for shipping should be made together with vehicle payment or must be made by bank wire transfer within a week of your vehicle being picked up. Pick up can take 1- 7 days, the average pick up window is 2- 5 days.
Delivery to Warehouse
Delivery time from the auction yard to the export warehouse takes 7-10 days depending on route. When your vehicle arrives at the warehouse, additional photos of the vehicle will be taken and uploaded to your account, within 2 or 3 days.

The carrier does not provide full insurance for your vehicle when shipping overseas. Contact us to purchase insurance for your vehicle during international shipping.
Step 4 Cars Step Pin
Step 5 Garage Step 5 Garage
Step Pin
It will take 13-18 days from the time it is delivered to the export warehouse to loading the vehicle on the vessel. In most cases RORO will take your vehicle directly from the auction yard to the vessel for loading in about 5 days.

We will work with customs to clear your vehicle for export, book shipping, load and onboard the container onto the shipping vessel. Once completed you will be notified by email and your account updated.
Two Ways to Ship Your Car with AutoBidMaster
Container Shipping
LCL (Less Container Load)
“shared container space”
Ports: California, Georgia, New Jersey

FCL (Full Container Load)
Ports: California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey
Ports: Texas, Georgia, New Jersey

The car must run and drive, steer, and brake.
The car cannot: have any broken glass, deflated tires, sharp edges,
deployed airbags, or have anything inside the car (not even a bumper).
40 FT Container
40 FT container 1
Can hold 4 small Sedans
ex. Toyota Corolla - NOT Chrysler 300
40 FT container 2
Can hold 2 small Trucks
ex. Up to Ford F-150 - NOT F-350
40 FT container 3
Can hold 3 small SUVs
ex. Honda CRV - Not Ford Explorer
20 FT Container
20 FT container 1
Can hold any 1 SUV or sedan
20 FT container 2
Can hold any 1 PickUp Truck
20 FT container 3
Can NOT hold more than 1 vehicle
Once your vehicle is loaded on the shipping vessel, we will provide a container or booking number to track your shipment. We will also update your account with estimated times of departure and arrival at the destination port.

Sailing time varies by U.S. port of departure:
16 - 20 days from New Jersey and Savannah
40 - 45 days from Los Angeles
Step 6 Ship Step Pin
Arrival at Destination Port
Step 7 Ship Step 7 Ship
Step Pin
When your vehicle arrives at the destination, an agent will contact your designated consignee to clear customs and pickup your shipment. Local customs and unloading fees will be charged at the destination port.

Look for the shipping widget located on every lot page for a quote., is an independent company offering AutoBidMaster members a simple vehicle shipping solution. From getting a quote to delivery updates, you can now manage the entire shipping process from your AutoBidMaster account. Save time and money when you order shipping with us!

You can also contact the AutoBidMaster support team to book shipping at